Essential Oils, What You NEED to Know!

January 18, 2016

ESSENTIAL OILS - An Introduction from a Young Living Independant Distributor


Being a Young Living Independant distributor I have specific skills and expertise surrounding the use of essential oils for a medical use, and a wide variety of other ailments. Essential oils have been used for centuries for health, beauty and sanitary purposes. There's virtually nothing essential oils can't remedy. 


Essential oils are most certainly the most potent form of plant based medicine. Essential oils are cultivated through a system of distillation which sets apart the oil and the water based compounds of a plant by steaming. The natural oils contained in plants are specifically formulated to protect the plant from insects, and guard the plant from a harsh environment and assist them in adapting to their surroundings. By extracting these essential oils the protective and healing powers of a plant are harnessed and can remedy their healing properties furthermore. 


Essential oils are constituents of minute molecules that can permeate on a cellular level, in fact some compounds in essential oils are even able to  cross the blood-brain barrier.


They are set apart from traditional fatty oils (like those in vegetables or nuts) that come from molecules that are larger because they cannot permeate through your cells therefore they are not therapeutic in the same way.

Vegetable oils will remain on your skin and can clog your pores due to the fact that they are not small enough to penetrate into your system, where essential oils are transdermal and can pass through and will soak right into your skin and interstitial tissue. 


These oils can be remedied in four ways: topically, inhaled (diffusing), taken internally and used for personal care. Many essential oils are so potent that when applied topically or internally they must be diluted with a carrier oil like almond or coconut oil. 


Not all essential oils are formulated of equal quality.  In fact, most of them are not of therapeutic grade and can be potentially toxic. Here is a guide on choosing your essential oils based on quality.


There are four grades of essential oils as documented by Dr. Axe.


1. Synthetic and Altered Oils
created in laboratory and lowest grade of oil


2. Natural and “Pure” Oils
overly processed so they lose healing compounds v most commonly sold type of essential oils


3. Wellness Grade Essential Oils
steam distilled with healing compounds

the negative is that they may or may not have been sprayed with pesticides


4. Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
the highest grade of essential oils with greatest healing properties v medicinal oils that can be used as plant-based medicine. Young Living are within this grade of quality for their essential oils.


When purchasing essential oils always buy therapeutic grade and organic oils whenever possible. 


Creating true quality essential oils starts with planting high quality plants in nutrient dense organic soil, Young Living are one of the few that practice these standards. These herbs or plants then must be harvested when their healing constituents are most prominent. Next, oils should be extracted using steam distillation or cold pressed without using chemicals. Finally, the oils should be bottled in dark glass containers to shield them from oxidation and sunlight. Young Living standards are trademarked by their Seed to Seal promise of quality outlined below.



Seed to Seal

When it comes to our essential oils, Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity. We carefully monitor the production of our oils from beginning to end through our unique Seed to Seal® process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle. 


For more than two decades, we've diligently overseen every step of this process, both on our own global farms and with our carefully vetted partner farms.This unsurpassed commitment to quality means that you can be confident that the Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products you use in your home are safe and effective.



Powerful, effective essential oils come from seeds and plants that are verified for their essential oil potential by Young Living experts, partnering with university experts. 



Young Living farms, located around the globe, are dedicated to perfecting the best growing and harvesting methods. Our experts also travel the world visiting our co-op farms to verify that their growing and cultivating processes match our high standards. These operations provide an ongoing source for essential oils that meet Young Living’s demanding quality standards.



Combining ancient and modern techniques, Young Living is recognised as an innovator in essential oil distillation. We use a gentle, proprietary technique for steam extracting the most effective essential oils, as well as using cold pressing and resin tapping methods for select oils. 



Young Living never accepts diluted, cut or adulterated oils. To guarantee consistent quality, our oils are tested in Young Living’s own internal labs, as well as in third-party facilities, to ensure that they meet stringent specifications, exceed international standards and contain the optimal levels of natural bioactive compounds. 



Young Living completes the Seed to Seal process in its 107,000-square-foot facility in Spanish Fork, Utah. Using state-of-the-art equipment, each essential oil is carefully bottled into protective amber glass bottles – ready to be delivered to members worldwide.


Should you wish to discuss Essential Oil Therapeutics further book a session and I can point you in the right direction, order you some oils and draw up a treatment plan. Alternatively, email me


Love and Light 

Ashley Nicole x




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